I knew that life is only one, but why didn’t I know I wasn’t living it?

I knew that moment was not to come again, but why didn’t I know to enjoy it?

I knew that time goes on, but why didn’t I know to make full use of it?

Seven months ago, I thought of writing my blog. From that day till today, I had hundreds of excuses to give myself. Everytime I sat to write, I thought about how to start, what to start, and when to start. But today by mistake, I deleted my blog account, AND it was an irreversible action..! I tried everything, but it couldn’t be recovered. And that’s when I realized how badly I wanted to write.

So I just started off to write in my notepad. Without thinking. Write nothing but my heart. Though I didn’t have answers to what when or how but I knew why. I wanted to write because I love it!

And then came one email…

That my account was recovered..

Don’t know how but it was…

It seemed like magic…

And I discovered…

If you love something
just go for it

You may not know what when or how, but if you know why then, just do it and rest everything will fall in place. And yes it’s vice versa is also true, no matter how figured out things are, but if you don’t know why, then my friend stop, and think, is this really the path you want to walk?

But once you know your why, your purpose, then nothing and no one should stop you.


You know life is short, but you don’t know how much…

You know it will end, but you don’t know when…#sojustdoitnow