The same lips that cursed his mom
Now long to kiss her dusk and dawn
His words at the funeral, 
Showed his regret eternal
His love… his guilt… his pain
For all the words left unsaid 
But nothing could he gain
Cz moments were not to come again 
And this struck my heart and my brain.

The tear at the funeral 
had some magic unreal

The tear at the funeral made him blind
To the faults that he’d always mind

The tear at the funeral made him realize
Worthless were the days he wasted in fight

The tear at the funeral made him quite 
To the complains that annoyed him day and night 

The tear at the funeral made him forget 
Each and every thing that made her imperfect 

You too will realize one day
But don’t wait for fate
Cz it will be too late
And you would have lost an opportunity great
To know that…

Relations are precious and valuable, 
Be grateful n make each moment adorable,
Letting go some ego is truly affordable,
Cz once gone they’re non-renewable
And you’ll be left with regret unbearable
Which is gonna stay with you forever and ever. 

Talk without reasons
Care without seasons
Trust without fears
Forgive without tears
Cerebrate without festivals
Visit without occasions
Believe without doubts
Meet without hangouts
Party without objection
Admire without perfection
Apologize without mistake 
Smile without being fake
Spend time without seeing minutes 
And love without setting any limits

I guarantee you…
Life will become phenomenal 
If you don’t wait for the tear at the funeral. 


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