Scratching my head
I sat on my bed
Into countless thoughts my heart just sank
But mind was blank
And I was absolutely clueless to be very frank
Because Amazon, Flipcart everything browsed,
And this time even street shops were not left out
But not a single thing I found
That could bring a curve on his face round?

No, looks didn’t matter, neither did price,
It was love, wrapped in that box in disguise
Oh then what could I pack
That he’d love to the moon and back?
But when it comes to love, there’s only one thing I could guess
That was his little fairy princess!

And yes I got the clue
No, I wasn’t going to bring a box 5″2
I wanted to present him me anew
To make myself the best that I can do
By stop running from my responsibility
And in right direction use my ability
And to his advice that I would always ignore
I will try to implement with an effort bit more
Amidst my update, story and post
I promise to spare time at any cost
To make sure a day won’t go
Without sharing my happiness and woe

Yes, that’s the best gift I could have ever had
To wish him Happy Father’s Day dad!