Who is your role model?
The one who’s cool on earth,
Or the one who gave you birth..

Who is your best friend?
Your TV, laptop, or iPhone silly,
Or your loving family..

Who is your real guide?
Or your friends, who’re there whether data be not be..

Where do you invest your precious time?
To lyrics, and music fine,
Or to your granny’s story and rhyme..

Whom do you appreciate?
Who are in newspapers, whom you’re a fan,
Or the one who taught you to read them..

What are your free hours for?
Candy crush and Pokemon Go,
Or badminton, kabaddi and kho-kho..

Who is your companion in leisure?
All kinds of electronic gadgets,
Or dear Mother Nature..

Where is your interest?
In whatsapp, hike and pinterest,
Or in your talents, passions and uniqueness..

What is important to you?
To update your status to show your style,
Or to make your loved one smile..

Oh! My dearest friends,
STOP blindly following the trends..
You don’t realise, but you’re blessed,
The world is full of lonely, sad and depressed.

There are lots who long for a hug,
A kiss and a greet from loved one.
Many are in tears up their attire,
Family love, being their only desire.
Not all have gems who stand by situation any,
True friends are not a gift to many.
And thousands are there unfortunate illiterate,
Schooling, not being their privilege.
There are of course not many,
Who get pleasure to sleep in the laps of their granny.
Lots, are born lame,
Whose lifelong desire is only to play a game.
Lots are blind, who long to see once, not more,
The trees, the birds, the stars…
Which we daily ignore.
And those labourers’ little lads,
Who had to leave their passion for two meal bread.
And the last, the best, the most,
You have a mom who loves you loads,
Nine months in stomach, and full life in heart,
She’s the one who’ll never leave you apart.

My dearest friend,
You may not know worth,
But ask the one who’s deprived from birth,
Gold, gem, or any number of note,
Cannot be compared to the life that you’ve got
You are the richest person on earth
You have a beautiful life!
Realise it’s worth.
Be grateful to God and your dearest,
You have only one my friend,
Live it to the Fullest!!


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